Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yes, Your Majesty

Is it wrong I get a (secret) kick of out it every single time one of my girls says, "Yes, Your Majesty" when asked to do something? 

My two girls are 1000% into princesses (and fairies, but that's another post).  Complete with gowns, tiaras, calling me "Queen Mommy" and each other "Princess E and Princess O", etc.  Sounds idyllic, right? 

Guess again.

On one hand, they are sweet, caring, empathetic, loving, friendly, outgoing, enthusiastic about life, funny, and the most amazing little girls ever.  On the other hand:  one child is firmly in the "terrible twos" and my other is apparently attempting to make up for skipping that phase (is there a such thing as the terrible fours?).  My days seem to be spent playing, reading, singing, dancing, and enjoying my two beautiful princesses - only to have them flip on me and then I'm refereeing/"battling" two children in varying stages of the terrible twos.  Fun times.

I love my children to death.  Anyone who knows me knows that goes without saying.  I spend my days doing something I love and know that I am so blessed to be doing - raising my children, teaching them, and watching them grow.  Getting to see each new milestone as they reach it.  Making sure their needs are met, that I'm stimulating their brains, engaging their imaginations, teaching them empathy and caring, and that life is a wonderful place... 

So when I ask them to clean up their toys and they curtsy and say, "Yes, your majesty", it makes me smile.

I'm under no illusions that I am the "ruler" of this house.  But it sure is nice to pretend once in a while.

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